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Accounting Representative   

ECBM is looking for an Accounting Representative to join our growing team! The Accounting Representative is responsible for ensuring receivables, payables and other requests are paid in a timely manner. This role will report to our Accounting Supervisor and is at our Media, PA headquarters.


  1. Responsible for Customer Receivables:
    • Reconciliation of customer account
    • Monthly meeting with the producers
    • Keeps receivables under 30 days
    • Allocation of daily checks received for daily deposit
    • Prepare and Draft Finance Agreements
  2. Responsible for Insurance Company/Brokerage Payables:
    • Reconciliation of company statements
    • Timely payment to over 200 companies monthly
  3. Responsible for Commission Receivable
    • Reconcile our reports with company commission reports
    • Verify we are receiving correct commissions      
  4. Vender Payables
    • Allocates bills to the proper general ledger account
    • Pay timely
  5. Printing and mailing Premium & Operating checks
  6. Handles requests from producers, insureds, and management
  7. Journal Entries
  8. Maintains effective and professional relationships with vendors
  9. Maintains effective and professional environment with employees

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